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Non-pretentious food, seriously

Available onLY ON Grabfood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo, for now.



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wayang      /ˈwɑːjaŋ/

Actual Meaning: a theatrical performance employing puppets or human dancers.

Local Meaning: often used to describe someone as being full of “drama” and showing theatrics by putting up an act in front of others.

We are new and we are not so pretentious,

well maybe a little.

We have not won any food awards yet but one day we might have to Wayang through it.

Our fantastic menu is derived from few thousand years of research, started from our ancient ancestors whose name we have really forgotten.

Thanks to their hard work - we can now chillax one corner

and Wayang. Maybe on somedays we’ll take MC. 

Follow us on IG @wayang.sg

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3 types of original rice baseS


13 different toppings options

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3 exotic chilli choices

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9. Fragrant Yellow Rice with Fire Prawns


"Probably the best up and coming food brand in Singapore"

Tan A K from Sengkang

“Wah all three rice damn shiok siol!”

Ahmad from Punggol

“The three chilli all so spicy one, buay tahan sia! But I like"

Mr Singh from Bedok 



ONLY Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda for now. We’re located at Rivervale Mall,

 11 Rivervale Cres #01-08, Singapore 545082 (Kitchen Only, No Dine-In)



EMAIL: toomuch@wayang.com.sg

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